Before I visited Canada I browsed through article after article about the place, I browsed through countless blog’s where Canadians justified their country’s stance on terrorism, racism, sexism, religion and the differences between themselves and Americans. I visited numerous forums where members raged on about justice, freedom of speech, the standard of living, crime and clean air and the Canada Hate Laws.

Here's what I found in Canada :

I found Canada more like the US than it is unlike the US.
The Marval Civil War collection.
West Edmontons Mail's Wild West Shooting Range
-42 degrees celsius weather
Canadian Hillbillies

Canada gave us the Star Wars Kid
In July 2003, his family filed a CA$250,000 lawsuit against the families of four of his schoolmates. The lawsuit stated, in part, that he "had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large." and, he "will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite amount of time" As of 27 November 2006 it has been estimated by The Viral Factory that the videos had been viewed over 900 million times, making it the most popular "viral video" on the Internet.
Canada ??? you can't read about it you gotta experiance them up close....

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